Lana cabinets offer you an outstanding value for the price.

They are built right here in Lancaster PA by skilled local craftsman.

When you want a quality cabinet and a great price, Lana is the choice for you.

Take a look at a few of the reasons why Lana is the best value for the money.

Better Built Drawers

Not all dovetailed drawer boxes are built the same.

Lana Line drawers are custom built, from scratch, from soft maple wood.

Perfectly joined together with sanded edges to achieve smoothness on the wood.

Then clear coated which looks amazing after drawers are installed in your kitchen or bath.


Matching Interior Wood

The inside of the Lana Line cabinet boxes matches the exterior of the cabinet.

That is not always the case with out competitors.

Lana offers quality throughout.

Cabinets that do not match on sideCabinets that do not match on side
Matching Wood On Cabinet InsideMatching Wood On Cabinet Inside

Metal pins for shelves NOT plastic

With Lana they use metal pins to hold the shelves on the cabinets.
Competitor’s pins are often plastic.


The best hardware in the industry

Lana Fine Cabinetry focuses of every detail, down to the hardware that customers rarely consider.

Lana uses BLUM hardware which is an industry leader.

BLUM features soft close hardware and offers a life time warranty.


You get the combination of great price and superior support.

Put Ivan’s years of experience to work for you. Call 717-604-1841.